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Hello and welcome. My blog focuses mostly on running but I will occasionally blog about anything that I feel would be a great topic to share.

My mission is to show that wearing a hijab is not a barrier to being physically active. I want to encourage women to get outdoors and be active, in particular those women who for cultural reasons feel that they can’t be active because of how they dress.

My proudest achievement to date, is running the Lochness Marathon in October 2019. Running a marathon was something I wanted to do before I reached a big birthday.  My next challenge will be running my first ultra marathon in 2021

Push yourself because no one else is going to do it for you!

My Recent Posts

How does running make you feel?

Last month I surveyed over 100 runners and asked them to tell me how running makes them feel in one word. With their responses I created the following word cloud: The words that stand out to me are: Free, Calm, Happy, Good, Alive, Better, Proud, Energised, Relaxed, Exhilarated. Can you relate to any of these…

How I Started Running

How it all began…. I thought today was fitting to write this as my 1st blog post, as this day marks 3 years since i first ran.

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